2007 Yamaha G-MAX Limited Edition 4-Stroke Gas

G-MAX Limited Edition 4-Stroke Gas

Available for a limited time only, the new G-MAX Limited Edition golf car from Yamaha! While the Limited Edition’s classic design makes it instantly identifiable as a Yamaha, it’s the Limited Edition’s unique features that make it a definite standout on the course. Not only does it have all the great standard features of the G-MAX golf car, but it also has features found only on the Limited Edition. Features such as Midnight Black suntop struts, powder coated “chrome” steel wheels, brilliant Arctic White paint, tan seats and suntop, limited edition badges and chrome wheel covers compliment the package. The Limited Edition’s beauty isn’t just “skin deep” either. Under the seat, you’ll find proof positive that the Limited Edition is limited only in quantity, not in performance and quality. It's dependable, Yamaha built, low emission engine, produces an industry leading 11.4 horsepower. The industry’s most dependable service organization and a nationwide network of knowledgeable, experienced dealers and it’s no surprise that Yamaha sets the standard for others to follow.